Which is better?BHS or Intraday?

  • http://www.adigitalblogger.com/intraday-trading/intraday-trading-vs-delivery-trading/
  • http://www.investarindia.com/blog/intraday-short-term-or-long-term-how-to-choose-the-right-type-of-trading/
  • https://www.niveza.in/stock-news/articles/position-trading-much-just-buy-hold-sell
  • Before we think of investing in shares.in India.

  • Which are the stock exchanges?

  • What is called Nifty?

  • What is BSE?

  • Which are the indexed shares?

  • What are Blue-chips?and not Blue Whales?

  • If you dabble in shares without any base you will follow Blue whales story.

  • What is virtual trading?

  • Learn learn learn before you invest even a single rupee

  • .Right,you know something now.not everything.

  • .learn to swim in the swimming pool,then in the lake,then in the sea and then and then only in the rivers for there will be surely whirlpools

  • .Find out which shares can grow in course of time and bring profit to you by way of dividends and price rise and by bonus shares.

  • Know more the details.

  • How long the company is in existence?shares paid up and the reserves, current assets and current liabilities, pending and in abeyance problems, how long the company has given dividends, and how much each year.

  • What are the analysts opinions?After doing this homework thoroughly then invest after you have life assured, buffer for emergencies, only a small amount which even if you lose will not make any difference in your life security.

    • that also start with reputed good mutual funds again do the research before you jump in.

    • Find out about the BEST and REASONABLE  reputable brokers.by Googling out and never go by suggestions of your friends, relatives.

    • Listen .learn use your own discretion to select the shares so you have no one to BLAME except yourself for the wrong decisions.

    • Do not Gamble but be a  good speculator.First join a mutual fund, read everything how do they go about and understand more.

    • Then buy your own stock in a regular pattern buy when low accumulate sell when you think you have reached your target of income.but never enter intraday now. If you really want to do then invest paper trade,work out and see.TO BE CONTINUED.


What India needs?

  1. A right leader who has only one ambition to see his motherland India rises above all difficulties and become a  great Nation.
  2. A nation fully self- sufficient in all areas and every citizen has a good standard of living,
  3. He/She must be single has no family ties to get involved in all financial dealings.
  4. He/she must be pure in all respects declaring his/ her income direct or indirect  in the right manner.
  5. He/she must be young and energetic.
  6. All over in India people must be happy and not give in to the selfish motivated speeches of the so called leaders.
  7. To win in elections only not to indulge in special announcements and tactics.
  8. Not support any individual to amass and run away from the country  to a country where they can live safely and no one can touch them even.

Petrol Price Rises ,so what?

    1. Petrol price rises. O.k. Let it rise. Say some persons.
    2. .Even if the price rise to Rs. 150/- we do not bother.
    3. .We have to use our cars.Some of us, in our family, we have four cars.
    4. Each one of us  use each of our car even though we are reaching the same destination.
    5. Let the price of all necessities go up.
    6. We do not bother.Any how we get our breakfast,lunch and dinner nicely.
    7. Let the common man also work like us and become rich like us.
    8. So they also need not bother about the price rise.
    9. Why should we forego our luxuries and comforts for which we are working hard?
    10. Petrol reserves are depleting.if so,
    11. So we will opt for solar power driven vehicles.
    12. Always we will find our ways to enjoy all comforts.
    13. Let all work towards better life ,better earnings to self-support instead of crying over the rise of prices.


Info.for Indian citizens.

  • Try for these countries if you feel like settling Down there.
  • Mexico,Panama,Costa Rica,Belize,Routan,Svalbard(Norway)Seychelles
  • ,Nicaragua,Sweden and Cambodia.but before that take the world map ,check where they are,know more about each country,the plus and minus points,reg climate, possibilities for earnings, standard of living,the future of your future generation.
  • Google out all details before you come to any decision.
  • Take a sheet of paper draw two columns For FOR and AGAINST  to weigh and get the result for deciding.also think will there be no problem for settlers there.
  • .Then decide what you want to do.your life and the lives of your future generation  are based on your right/wrong decision.

The significance of 21

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