Good Things spread SLOW.

Good things spread slow

  1. Good things spread  slow,

  2. But bad things spread fast.

  3. If you put sugar in the coffee,

  4. You have to stir.

  5. If you spread a rumour,

  6. That too ill of any celebrity

  7. Or famous person,

  8. It spreads fast like ripples,

  9. In the pond.

  10. Many of the channels are hungry

  11. For yellow journalism.

  12. And it is very rare to  hear

  13. The news of achievements and

  14. Good things.

  15. What we see in all movies,

  16. Serials  and why ,even the

  17. Advertisements too,

  18. pollute,contaminate the minds

  19. Of younger generation.

  20. The actors, actresses, 

  21. directors all are responsible

  22. For the rift,battle and jealousy 

  23. And killing,murdering.rape,

  24. cheating, these are becoming 

  25. virtues of the present world.

  26. The more the man corrupt

  27. And walks with head high,

  28. With no conscience.

  29. We used to have movies

  30. depicting compassion,love.

  31. mercy.peace.

  32. A day will surely dawn

  33. In killing a human being

  34. By another human being.

  35. God save this world.


Know transitive,intransitive verbs and active/passive voice

  • Let us learn some tenses. but be not tensed.It is very easy.

  • Simple present tense. I play football. ( active)

  • Know here play is a transitive verb. It has an object .football.

  • In passive voice the object becomes the subject.

  • The football is played by me.

  • Present continuous: I am playing football.(active)

  • The football is being played by me.(passive)

  • Present Perfect: I have played football.(active)

  • The football has been played by me.(passive)

  • present perfect continuous: I have been playing football.( active)

  • You cannot make this into passive voice.

  • Simple past tense: I played football.( Active)

  • The football was played by me.(Passive)

  • past continuous: I was playing football.(active)

  • The foot ball was being played by me.(passive)

  • Past perfect: I had played football.(active)

  • The football had been played by me.(passive)

  • Past perfect continuous: I had been playing football.(active)

  • This cannot be changed to passive voice.

  • Simple future: I will play football.(active)

  • The football will be played by me.(passive)

  • future continuous: I will be playing football.(active)

  • This cannot be made into passive voice.

  • Future perfect: I will have played football.(active)

  • The football will have been played by me( passive )

  • Future perfect continuous: I will have been playing football.(active)

  • This cannot be changed into passive voice.

  • Note carefully .There are twelve sentences in the active voice and only 8 sentences are there in Passive voice.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • for a change: A boy was asked to change the voice for this sentence.

  • The dog bites me.Active.

  • I bite the dog.Active or passive.

  • The right answer is I am bitten by the dog.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • When he was asked to change the voice, The dog bites me..He changed his voice to a girl’s voice and repeated the sentence.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • To change the active sentence to passive voice ,the sentence must have a transitive verb.Transitive verb will have an object.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • The horse runs fast. where is the object? so runs is an intransitive verb.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • please take this into consideration’

Easy Easy English

  1. I,my,mine,to me, me,myself.

  2. I have a dog.The dog is mine.It belongs to me. They call me Dog Lover. I am proud of myself that I love dogs.

  3. The dogs are more affectionate and faithful.

  4. We,our, ours, to us, us, ourselves.

  5. We have many parrots. Those parrots are ours. They belong to us. Some call us as parrot keepers. We take care of them ourselves.

  6. You,your,yours,to you,you, yourself.

  7. You have a sister.She is your sister. Sister Sita is yours. She belongs to you. She calls you Madhusudan. You bring gifts for her on her birthday yourself.

  8. You,your,yours,to you,you, yourselves..

  9. You start a school.That is your school.The school is yours. The school belongs to you. They call you as correspondent of the school. You all contributed money for building the school yourselves.

  10. He,his,his,to him, him, himself.

  11. He has a bag. That is his bag. The bag is his. It belongs to him. They call him Ram. He polishes his shoes himself.

  12. A story for a change:

  13. President Lincoln was polishing his own shoes.

  14.  The captain came to visit him.

  15. He asked a question,”why do you polish your shoes yourself?”

  16.  Lincoln replied,””Whose shoes do you Polish?”

  17. She,her,hers,to her, her, herself.

  18. She has a purse. It is her purse. The purse is hers. It belongs to her. They call her Mercy.She made the purse herself.

  19. It,its,its,to it,it,itself.

  20. It has a tail.It is its tail,The tail belongs to it. We call it a cow.It licks its calf itself.

  21. They,their, theirs,to them, them, themselves.

  22. They are Indians. It is their country.The country India is theirs. It belongs to them. Others call them Hindi in Middle- East.They are proud to be belonging to Free democratic India themselves.