1. How many alphabet are there in english?26
  2. How many vowels are there? 5.
  3. what are they ?AEIOU
  4. .What do you call the rest? as consonants.
  5. How do we make words? by using the alphabet
  6. . Give examples for using vowels
  7. . An apple ,an egg, an ice cream, an orange-
  8. to buy all those you have to goto the market ,if it rains, with an umbrella.
  9. Note: All nouns starting with a vowel sound always have the article
  10. .An is an indefinite article.Why?
  11. because you do not know
  12. whether  the apple was green,red or yellow ,
  13. whether they are from Australia or Kashmir.
  14. Which egg,the hen’s or duck’s
  15. . which ice-cream vanilla or strawberry,
  16. an orange whether from Nagpur or local one,
  17. which umbrella the fancy one or the ordinary one.
  18. So these words are used with an indefinite article AN.The rest of the nouns which start with the consonants,if they are single they are also indefinite why?they start with A. a boy(stout or lean) a dog ( white or brown) etc.
  19. We use The the definite article if we tell or talk about a person,place or thing we talked about.
  20. A man was riding a horse.The man was wearing a black hat.
  21. The horse was very tall and had thick mane
  22. .it was brown in color.
  23. Learn these and the next one will follow.
  24. https://easytolearn.xyz/2018/10/08/easy-english-for-everyone/

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