What does everyone want?????

  • Each one person is like the bud blossoming into flower and then become a fruit  with one or more seeds
  • .Each one person is born unique even though he takes birth as one of the twins.
  • He has his own opinions,like and dislikes.His needs and necessities vary according the the environment
  • .He has his own character some intrinsic and some due to the upbringing and the surroundings.
  • No one is bad when he was born
  • .He was handsome no matter how he was and his proud mother is happy with her  child.
  • .She never refused to feed him even for any minor /major reason
  • .For Mother, her child is the greatest boon offered  by the Ever graceful and merciful God.
  • His wants increases when he grows up.
  • Some are bare necessities like the Free air,Free heat and warmth, free water and what not.
  • .But is he happy? No. why?
  • He wants more and more of everything.
  • .His wishes never end.
  • The more he sees, the more he wants.
  • He wants comforts and luxuries.
  • .To attain those things, sometimes he works hard and thinks positively and constructively, uses his brain to achieve things in the right way.
  • Some times use all the other means to get what he wants with his force and position and strength.
  • He wants to grab everything and he wants to rule the world.
  • You have already seen and aware what happens to him who acts like these.
  • He becomes a threat to the world peace and everyone in heart wishes him to be deleted from his existence.Where is Hitler??Where is Shah of Iran?You have many like these in the world history.
  • But have we learnt any lesson from such history?
  • No.not yet.
  • it is there only in the text books, sometimes in the T.V. channels History, and sometimes in the other media
  • .Latest but not the least, the one with the name with alphabet change only.
  • Wear your thinking cap, meditate and decide what you want to lead a peaceful,happy,enjoying this life as a human being and spread cheers and peace in the world as the flowers do.

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