Good Things spread SLOW.

Good things spread slow

  1. Good things spread  slow,

  2. But bad things spread fast.

  3. If you put sugar in the coffee,

  4. You have to stir.

  5. If you spread a rumour,

  6. That too ill of any celebrity

  7. Or famous person,

  8. It spreads fast like ripples,

  9. In the pond.

  10. Many of the channels are hungry

  11. For yellow journalism.

  12. And it is very rare to  hear

  13. The news of achievements and

  14. Good things.

  15. What we see in all movies,

  16. Serials  and why ,even the

  17. Advertisements too,

  18. pollute,contaminate the minds

  19. Of younger generation.

  20. The actors, actresses, 

  21. directors all are responsible

  22. For the rift,battle and jealousy 

  23. And killing,murdering.rape,

  24. cheating, these are becoming 

  25. virtues of the present world.

  26. The more the man corrupt

  27. And walks with head high,

  28. With no conscience.

  29. We used to have movies

  30. depicting compassion,love.

  31. mercy.peace.

  32. A day will surely dawn

  33. In killing a human being

  34. By another human being.

  35. God save this world.


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