What is this space for?

  • To write about  the main areas of interest : Education, entertainment, food, finance, Fashion, Health, well-being,trade,business promotion , photography and general subjects
  • .Education: Is the education In India standardised for the whole country?
  • ,Is education available for all with reasonable expense?
  • Are there good teachers and professors who have good training to impart right tuition and coaching for the future generation?
  • Do they have devotion, dedication and discipline?
  • Are they keeping up to date with the latest developments in teaching, awareness and knowledge
  • .Do the teachers get reasonable salary and all benefits?
  • Does the Govt.pay special attention to the deserving students?
  • Are there proper infrastructure  for all the educational institutions?
  • Are they all properly recognised by the Govt.?
  • Do the students have enough opportunities in their well being, health and sports and library facilities?
  • Do they get right opportunities to utilise proper healthy  clean  surroundings  and audio-visual facilities?
  • How are the amenities in the class rooms, pure drinking water, sanitation facilities?
  • How are the village children helped?
  • helpagrichildreneducation.in

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