What India needs?

  1. A right leader who has only one ambition to see his motherland India rises above all difficulties and become a  great Nation.
  2. A nation fully self- sufficient in all areas and every citizen has a good standard of living,
  3. He/She must be single has no family ties to get involved in all financial dealings.
  4. He/she must be pure in all respects declaring his/ her income direct or indirect  in the right manner.
  5. He/she must be young and energetic.
  6. All over in India people must be happy and not give in to the selfish motivated speeches of the so called leaders.
  7. To win in elections only not to indulge in special announcements and tactics.
  8. Not support any individual to amass and run away from the country  to a country where they can live safely and no one can touch them even.

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