Petrol Price Rises ,so what?

    1. Petrol price rises. O.k. Let it rise. Say some persons.
    2. .Even if the price rise to Rs. 150/- we do not bother.
    3. .We have to use our cars.Some of us, in our family, we have four cars.
    4. Each one of us  use each of our car even though we are reaching the same destination.
    5. Let the price of all necessities go up.
    6. We do not bother.Any how we get our breakfast,lunch and dinner nicely.
    7. Let the common man also work like us and become rich like us.
    8. So they also need not bother about the price rise.
    9. Why should we forego our luxuries and comforts for which we are working hard?
    10. Petrol reserves are depleting.if so,
    11. So we will opt for solar power driven vehicles.
    12. Always we will find our ways to enjoy all comforts.
    13. Let all work towards better life ,better earnings to self-support instead of crying over the rise of prices.


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